Balisage 2015

Feedback Forms for Balisage 2015

We take your feedback seriously at Balisage — and we want it to be easy for you to give it to us.
So once again this year we've put our feedback forms onto the Web site, for you to use during, or immediately after, the conference:
Feedback form for the Symposium on Cultural Heritage Markup
Speaker feedback
Individual speaker / presentation feedback form, for comments on a particular talk; comments you submit will be collected, aggregated and edited by the conference organizers, and sent to the speakers after (not during, sorry!) the conference.
Overall conference feedback form, for comments on the conference as a whole.
Technical notes: This is Balisage, right? So not only do we want your feedback, but if you give it to us electronically, we'd like to have it in XML. So these forms use XForms, along with other relevant technologies, to transmit your comments to us in XML. Source code is available, of course: just look in your browser!
Acknowledgements: in their current implementation, these feedback forms use XSLTForms, an implementation of XForms that runs using the XSLT suport in the browser. Our thanks to Alain Couthures of Agence XML for his work on XSLTForms!
Compatiblity note: These feedback forms will work only if XSLT and Javascript are enabled. There are reports that they do not work in some versions of Internet Explorer. Possible workarounds (we would be glad of other suggestions):